Upper Winter Creek Trail

3 easy miles to Hogee’s Campground. This trail is part of the old Burlingame wagon road from Sierra Madre built to retrieve timber.

Take the asphalt road at the upper Chantry Parking lot, to the left of the Forest Service housing. In 1/4 mile, at the third sharp bend in the road, a wooden sign marks the trail to your right.

In short distance you will cross a trickling little creek (unless after heavy rain). This is Santa Oline Creek and the source of water for Chantry Flat. It was named for one in a party of Sierra Madre socialites who took a particular liking to the spot when they stopped for a break here on opening day of the first five miles, Feb. 27,1896. Her name was Miss Oline Newall. It was meant as a joke but the name stuck after an account of the trip was published in a local newspaper.

In about another mile you pass through a small canyon reminiscent of Santa Oline but with less water. This is Charlie’s Canyon, named for former Navy cook Charlie McDaniel, who lived in cabin #116 where the canyon meets Winter Creek.

Another mile or so, as the trail drops into the canyon, just before you reach the streambed, as cabin #134 comes into view, there is a junction for Mt. Wilson left or Lower Winter Creek right. The Upper Winter Creek Trail is most often combined with the lower to make a pleasant 5 1/2 mile loop, allow several hours.