Upper Falls Trail

Follow directions for Gabrielino Trail to Fern Lodge Junction. You will see cabin #76 just above the main trail with one trail on each side. To the left is the stock trail. Go right for the Upper Falls Trail.

This will first take you to the pools immediately above Sturtevant Falls. DO NOT attempt to climb down to them – at least one person has died trying. There is much safer swimming to be had just upstream. This spot has a broad, shallow pool, sometimes with a small “beach”, a deeper middle pool, then a narrow deep pool under a water drop.

The trail continues up the canyon bottom passing cabin #94 and the foundations of several others. You will also see a check dam to the right of the trail. This is the mouth of the North Fork. The trail passes directly through the site of a former cabin where ivy grows over a large boulder forming a little grotto; this section is known as Laughing Waters. It is said that if you are very quiet, you can hear a little girl laughing.

Just past here look keenly for a small footpath on the other side of the stream. This will take you up to Falling Sign Junction where you join the stock trail.

Turn left here to make a 6-7 mile loop back to Chantry, turn right to continue on to Cascade, Spruce Grove, Sturtevant’s Camp and Mt. Wilson or to the West Fork of the San Gabriel River.