To Mount Wilson

Trail to Mt. Wilson #1

Read Upper Winter Creek Trail. At the junction stay left. Just after you pass the uppermost three cabins of Winter Creek, the trail switches back up to Manzanita Ridge. Here you follow the ridgeline to the Mt. Wilson Trail. Stay right and you shortly join the Mt. Wilson Toll Road. Stay right again and follow the road to Wilson’s summit, 7 miles from Chantry.

Trail to Mt. Wilson #2

9 miles from Chantry. Follow the Gabrielino Trail to the junction for Newcomb Pass and the West Fork. Stay left and pass Sturtevant’s Camp. Stay right at the Mt. Zion junction.

For quite a way past Sturtevant’s, the trail is a pleasing, gentle grade through spruce groves, but it gets tough towards the head of the canyon. It has been improved by Sturtevant manager Chris Kasten as of spring 2005, but there is a 2500 ft. gain in the 3 miles between Sturtevant and Wilson’s summit.