Stock Trail

Follow directions for Gabrielino Trail to Fern Lodge Junction. You will see cabin #76 just above the main trail with one trail on each side. To the right is the Upper Falls Trail. Go left for the stock trail. You will pass through the site and concrete foundations of Fern Lodge.

Shortly, the trail emerges from the trees and switches back. This is called Tin Can Point and one of the few locations for cell phone reception. The trail contours the hillside, passing through quaint place names like Step-On-My-Toe Canyon, Hogee’s Drop-off, Jodi’s Meadow and Tiger Lily Canyon.

About one mile from Fern Lodge you will see the Upper Falls Trail coming up from the bottom at Falling Sign Junction. Turn right here to make a 6-7 mile loop back to Chantry, stay forward to continue on to Cascade, Spruce Grove, Sturtevant’s Camp and Mt. Wilson; or to the West Fork of the San Gabriel River.