Lower Winter Creek Trail

Follow the Gabrielino Trail. At Roberts’ Camp take the trail to the left of the toilets over the check dam. Just after the first crossing you will see a cave on your left. This was an exploratory tunnel left from Roberts’ Mine. Note the spring drilled out just to the right of the opening. To get fresh water year round, insert the rounded end of a Bay leaf into the hole – this will act as a spout.

The east end of the next check dam is covering the shaft of Roberts’ Mine. In another short distance you will see the foundation of a cabin and a toppled chimney. This cabin burned down in the 1970’s. While attempting to douse the flames, the firefighting helicopter crashed to the ground; no injuries.

After you pass the second cluster of cabins, at the 2 1/2 mile mark, you reach Hogee’s Campground, named in honor Hogee’s resort, the site of which you will see in another 1/8 mile, across the stream.

The junction at old Hogee’s can take you up & over Mt. Zion to the right or stay left to cross the creek once more and join Upper Winter Creek Trail.

The Lower Winter Creek Trail is most often combined with the upper to make a pleasant 5 1/2 mile loop, allow several hours.