First Water Trail

This trail roughly follows the original built by the Forest Service in the early 1900’s. The trailhead was lost with the construction of the road and was relocated to the second bend in the Roberts Road. The obvious derivation of the name is that taking this trail took you to reliable water much sooner than by continuing on the Sturtevant Trail into Winter Creek.

The trail is actually in two parts – the switchbacks that drop you to the streambed and the foot-worn tracks running from Roberts’ Camp to the back of the reservoir. The first stream ford below Roberts’ is known as Mexican Crossing; why we don’t know. Where the switchbacks meet the bottom at cabin #7 is the site of First Water Camp.

Continue downstream and you will find the swimming holes at the top of Hermit Falls, about 2 miles from Chantry. Be careful – NO DIVING!

Just behind the reservoir, where the Alders end, you can spot a few Deodar Cedars on the east bank. This is the site of the Frank “The Hermit” Volvin’s cabin.