East Fork Trail

This trail has virtually disappeared. It was built after the 1924 fire (that never reached this canyon) to establish a work camp, known as Spring Camp, for the builders of firebreaks and fire roads. It originally started behind cabin #55, now just a stone foundation. It took a route high above the water to skirt the falls. From there it passed through Madrone Flats to Spring Camp, tucked under Monrovia Peak.

The canyon bottom is rarely visited today so hiking there is mostly a boulder hop. It’s well worth the effort. To find the East Fork follow directions for the Gabrielino Trail. Cross the stream at cabin #67 (if you find yourself at Fern Lodge Junction you’ve gone 100 yards too far). Pass between cabins #61 and #59, pass to the left of cabins #58, #57 and #56 (look for the Woodsy Owl “Pack It Out sign) and over the check dam.

This branch has many short water drops and deep pools. About a mile up from the main canyon you reach Adams Falls, named for pack station owners Bill and Lila Adams by their nephew Dennis Lonergan who once placed a plaque there. These falls are unique in that there are two side by side. The taller (Bill) is about 75′ tall on the East Fork proper. The smaller (Lila) is a 40′ cascade where a White Horse drainage meets the East Fork just 50′ away. There is also a nice pool at the base of Bill.

We have a word of warning that may not be as unreasonable as it sounds. Covert farmers have been known to cultivate marijuana in the upper reaches of the canyon, above the falls, and guard their crops fiercely with firearms and booby traps. The DEA keeps a watchful eye but be warned.