The Cabins Today

Today there are 81 cabins left in Big Santa Anita Canyon, and of the five resorts, only Sturtevant Camp is still with us. The only road in this canyon is the one to Chantry Flat. One must hike to all of the cabins. The cabin nearest Chantry is 3/4 mile in and the most distant are 4 miles in.There is no electricity, no municipal water, no septic, no garbage service and no address. The only “utility” is the old crank-phone system. All supplies must be packed in and all garbage packed out. Cabin owners are bound by all ecological laws and generators are frowned upon. The only universally accepted technology in this canyon is propane. It can run your cook stove and oven, heaters and refrigerators, BBQ’s and lighting.

Cabins in this canyon are not standard real estate. They are considered private property. The Forest Service term for a cabin site is “improvements”. This includes the cabin, the toilet and any other outbuildings, retaining walls and private trails, etc.

When one buys a cabin here, they are issued a “Special Use Permit” to keep the improvements on Federal land. No new sites are being permitted, now or ever. All cabins currently have 20 year permits that were issued in 2008. The current Pack Station permit expires in the year 2026.