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SOLD! Cabin 80 – Fiddler’s Crossing

Cabin-80-12Here’s your chance to own a canyon landmark. Cabin 80, owned by craftsman, poet and fiddler Ajax Moon, is for sale. It’s location on Big Santa Anita creek has come to be known as Fiddler’s Crossing, and is less than two miles from Chantry Flat. The cabin was built in 1918 and retains its original charm. It is a mere 15 feet from the creek and it’s just a 4 minute hike to Sturtevant Falls. The cabin is approximately 350 square feet and includes a sizable “yard”.

Conveniences include a fireplace, wood-burning stove, propane-powered refrigerator, propane cook stove, a microwave oven, and even an electric toaster. Interior lighting is solar powered, in addition to the oil lamps, and there is also an auto-start generator with 12-volt & 110-volt power outlets. There is cell phone reception with Verizon service.

Recent improvements include a new, large deck overlooking the creek, a new storage shed, and a new roof.

Cabin Photos

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Map of Fiddler’s Crossing

Zoom out to see the cabin’s location in relation to Chantry Flat and the rest of the canyon.