Location: Cascade Picnic Area

No Longer Available

Asking $55,000

Cabin Details

Cabin 97 is located near Cascade Picnic Area in the upper canyon, approximately 3 miles from Chantry Flat and 1 mile from Sturtevant Camp. Although the cabin is close to the trail and the picnic area, it enjoys relative seclusion and is separated by a check dam and the creek. The cabin is named “Three Oaks” after the oak trees near the front door, and has been owned by one family for 20 years.

The cabin comes furnished and the owners say it is equipped with everything one might need for an extended stay, except a chainsaw. New roofing was installed within ten years and should have another 20 years until it needs to be replaced. Heat is provided by a fireplace and a propane stove is available for cooking and boiling drinking water. A propane-powered refrigerator comes with the sale price but it was never brought to the cabin. Outbuildings include a relatively new toilet and a 500 square foot storage shed.

Water is available in the main stream or a reliable side creek. There is much fallen wood available in the area from which to cut firewood. Communication is available at the nearby call box and at a spot down trail that typically gets cell phone service (both locations marked on the following map).

Contact Information

To schedule a viewing contact Deb Burgess at Adams' Pack Station - dburgess@adamspackstation.com