Location: First Water

No Longer Available

Asking $65,000

Cabin Details

Cabin 7, built about 1915, is in the First Water section of Big Santa Anita Canyon, not far from the Chantry Flat parking lot and situated near the sites of historic First Water Camp and ranger station. This shady location along the creek is where the original trail from Sierra Madre provided hikers their first opportunity for a drink of water or a dip in the refreshing pools.

The largely rock structure, fortified by large boulders, offers insulation from the heat of summer and retains the warm from the stone fireplace in winter. There is a kitchen, a dining room with table and chairs, living room with
a couch that makes into a bed, and a loft that sleeps two. There is also a sleeping quarters under the concrete desk, which overlooks the creek.

Long-time owners of this cabin have lovingly maintained it and have created a remarkably cozy and homey feel. The kitchen offers a sink, a propane refrigerator and a propane oven with stove-top burners (the oven may need a new thermocouple to light, but the burners are functional). Kerosene lamps are provided throughout, and an LED lighting system has been installed to assist (will need a new 12-volt battery). There is a nearby call box with crank-phone communication to Adams’ Pack Station and other cabins.

A water system has been installed but is not currently active. The adjacent storage building comes with various tools and supplies necessary for regular cabin maintenance, and has a shower that can be operational with just a little work. A separate outhouse toilet is included with this cabin.

Contact Information

Contact Deb Burgess at Adams' Pack Station