Location: Main Canyon

No Longer Available

Asking $80,000

Cabin Details

Note: This listing is posted as a courtesy to the current owner, who has not provided us with detailed information about the offering. The following description is derived from our general knowledge of the canyon. Please contact the owner for more information.

To make sure that this will be a good fit for you, please visit the Owning a Cabin page for information about the cabins. In particular, please note that these cabins are NOT homes. You cannot live in them permanently and you cannot rent them to others. Next, you should visit the cabin and the surrounding area so that you are familiar with the cabin. This is not an opportunity to be a looky-loo. It takes time to show the cabin.

Cabin 62 is in the main section of the canyon, in the Fern Lodge area, on the way to Sturtevant Falls. It is across the creek from the trail, not far from the confluence of the East Fork with Big Santa Anita creek. This is a well-maintained cabin. The owner visit once a week, always keeping the interior clean and clearing the grounds of leaves and other debris.

What's Included

The space includes a main living area with rock fireplace, a small kitchen area, and an open bedroom. There is also an out building that sleeps two. The kitchen has a propane stove and propane refrigerator but no sink. Also included is a pit toilet.

A nice feature is the crank-operated telephone that communicates with Adams’ Pack Station, Sturtevant Camp, and all other cabins connected to the network. Cell phones usually get reception at nearby Tin Can Point on the trail above Fern Lodge. There is a rudimentary water system among the cluster of cabins that draws water by gravity from the East Fork. The current condition of the system is not know to us.

To the best of our knowledge the cabin includes all furniture, appliances, equipment, and tools.

View photos of the cabin in the gallery below.

Cabin Directions

Start your hike at the Chantry Flat trailhead (210 Fwy, off on Santa Anita, drive toward the mountains 5 miles until you dead end at the parking lot). There is a white pipe gate next to the lower restrooms. It protects a paved road. Hike down the paved road until you reach the trail. Take the trail to the right. Hike apx. 1 mile. Right after you pass cabin #67 which is right on the trail, there is a crossing on your right. Go across the the planks. Turn right and walk downstream two cabins..