Location: Winter Creek

No Longer Available

Asking $75,000

Cabin Details

This secluded cabin is located approximately 2 miles from the Chantry Flat trailhead, just below Hoegee’s Campground. It is directly above cabin 131, (green cabin right on the creek), up on the hill, a short distance from the trail yet providing lots of privacy.

Winter Creek below the cabin always has water flowing and is easily accessed. A Katadyn, countertop water filter included in purchase, is easy to use. Being a gravity drip model, it requires nothing but occasionally being refilled.

There are three interior rooms and a 10’ x 24’ divided and screened porch which expands the livable space of the cabin when the weather is good. There are many windows providing adequate ventilation. Floor is the original wood flooring. A wood-burning stove and a fireplace provide plenty of heat for the entire cabin in winter. There is a modern four-burner stove with an oven, a propane-powered refrigerator, and dining room table with chairs. The kitchen sink has running water and drain plumbed to the outside. A utility room has a propane water heater and shower area. Overall size of the main cabin, with screened porch, is 24′ x 30′.

The porch looks out over the trail and the steam beyond. Along the back side of the cabin are three large wood storage cabinets. Pit toilet of modern construction is well maintained. Also has storage cabinet with a small sink. It could be another generation before it needs to be dug out.

The large 10’ x 10’ storage below the cabin will handle all your tool storage needs and a 1,000 gallon, spring-fed water storage tank supplies this cabin as well as 4 others with running water.

A Bit of History

This cabin was originally located close to Sierra Madre at a place called Sherfee Spring, along the old trail that led visitors to Big Santa Anita Canyon before the road was built to Chantry Flat. The cabin was evicted to clear way for the new road and the Sherfee family, who lived in the cabin, was given the choice of available cabin sites upon which to relocate the cabin.

They chose its current location, which is near the site of Hoegee’s Resort, which was still in operation at the time, because the new road was planned to go all the way into Winter Creek, terminating just below Hoegee’s and the new cabin site. Of course, road construction was stopped at Chantry Flat in 1936 yet the cabin had already been painstakingly deconstructed, moved by donkeys, and reconstructed where it stands today.

There is a curious, curved notch in the concrete step into the cabin. The notch is there because the step had been poured around a rock at it’s original location. The Sherfees moved the step rather than simply pouring a new step because it displays the hand prints of their young children.

What's Included

All personal items will be removed

Also included (besides what was listed above):

  • Power start generator. (needs battery & pull start rope)
  • Stihl BR-700 leaf blower (purchased in 2017, still on warranty)
  • Katadyn , drip “Ceradyn” water filter system
  • (4) 15 gallon propane tanks
  • Propane refrigerator (bought in 2014)
  • Propane 4 burner stove with oven


Cabin Directions

Start your hike at the Chantry Flat trailhead (210 Fwy, off on Santa Anita, drive toward the mountains 5 miles until you dead end at the parking lot). There is a white pipe gate next to the lower restrooms. It protects a paved road. Hike down the paved road until you reach the bridge. Take the trail to the left towards Hoagie’s. Hike approx. 1.5 miles. Once you hit cabin #131 which is a green cabin, right on the stream, look up the hill on your right. There is a little access trail which will lead you to cabin 130.

Contact Information

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