Location: Main Canyon

No Longer Available


Cabin Details

Cabin 106 is the last remaining structure of Roberts Camp, once the hub of Big Santa Anita Canyon activity. It was home to a store, dance hall, speakeasy, fish hatchery, U.S. Post Office, and a Los Angeles County library. Otto Lynn Roberts built this cabin for his wife in 1912, across the creek from camp, because she was not satisfied with the rustic accommodations of the camp itself.

665 square feet (one of the largest in the canyon)

  • Large living room with beautiful stone fireplace and an upright piano
  • 3 bedrooms (furnished)
  • Indoor bathroom with flush toilet capabilities and claw foot tub
  • Kitchen with never used propane-powered refrigerator, propane cook stove and microwave oven
  • Large kerosene heater that easily warms the entire cabin to a cozy temperature in the winter
  • Indoor enclosed patio
  • 10′ x 11′ front porch/deck
  • 3′ x 6′ storage shed
  • 4′ x 2′ generator building
  • Wired 12-volt interior lighting, in addition to oil lamps
  • Intermittent cell phone reception with Verizon service

What's Included


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