Location: Spruce Gove

No Longer Available

Reduced to $50,000

Cabin Details

  • Built originally in the early 1940’s
  • Completely rebuilt except fireplace in early 1990’s
  • Cabin in great condition
  • Outhouse is clean and freshly painted
  • Great view
  • Next to stream
  • Fireplace
  • Beautiful redwood exterior and white pine interior
  • Hardwood floors
  • Security doors and shutters
  • Sink connected to French drain
  • Skylight
  • Mouse proof cabin
  • Cabin has no USFS deficiencies and has 2014 fire clearances done and
    signed off

This is a well maintained awesome cabin and has been a joy to own for the
past 19 years.

What's Included

  • Propane stove and modern refrigerator
  • Two fold down queen size beds with foam mattresses & bedding
  • Crank telephone connected to Adams’ Pack Station, Sturtevant’s Camp and other cabins
  • Working Craftman chainsaw with extra chains
  • Sold with all tools and maintenance items

This is truly a “turn key” cabin. Even comes with plenty of firewood and a
weeks worth of food. Ready to use. No repairs or maintenance needed.  Buy
today, enjoy today.