Cabin 66

Location: Main Canyon

No Longer Available

Asking $69,000

Cabin Details

Note: To make sure that this will be a good fit for you, please visit the Owning a Cabin page for information about the cabins. In particular, please note that these cabins are NOT homes. You cannot live in them permanently and you cannot rent them to others. Next, you should visit the cabin and the surrounding area so that you are familiar with the cabin. This is not an opportunity to be a looky-loo. It takes time to show the cabin.

Cabin #66 is located approximately 1 1/4 mile from the Chantry Flat trailhead, in the Fern Lodge area of the main canyon. It is across the creek and up on the side of the hill, away from the trail, and giving lots of privacy. The creek directly below it always has water in it and is easily accessible. A countertop water filter such as a Katadin is easy to use, being a gravity drip modeling requires nothing but occasionally being refilled.

There are two rooms and very large front porch which you will always be out on when the weather is good. The living room/kitchen has both front and rear entry doors, one leading onto the porch and the other to the back where there is a large level area. There are many windows and the front door is glass too. When open in the summer, they provide a lot of ventilation. Floor is faux oak flooring, hard wearing and easy to clean. A woodburning stove provides plenty of heat for the entire cabin in the winter. There is a more modern four burner stove with an oven, a propane refrigerator, dining room table, handmade oak cabinet/ countertop and freestanding oak buffet w/ glass doors. Kitchen sink has drain plumbed to the outside. Approximate size is 8’ x 16’. Double doors lead into separate bedroom, approx 10’x12’. Windows look over the front porch and there are two skylights, built-in storage cabinet, handmade oak desk and double futon couch/bed. There is also a door that leads to the outside of the cabin. Original wood floors, walls and ceiling.

8’x16’ front porch looks out over the stream and the trail beyond. Since it is perched on the side of the hill, it’s like being up in a tree house. Right outside the back door is a large storage cabinet attached to the backside of the cabin. Great spot to put stuff that doesn’t need to take up space inside. Pit toilet of modern construction is well maintained and is quite deep. Could be another generation or two before it needs to dug out.

All structures have been well tended to over the years and are structurally sound. No big jobs in the foreseeable future. With USFS permit, one may build a 40 square feet shed on the property for additional storage.

What's Included

Only personal items will be removed by the current owner.  All furniture, appliances, etc. are included.

Cabin Directions

Start your hike at the Chantry Flat trailhead (210 Fwy, off on Santa Anita, drive toward the mountains 5 miles until you dead end at the parking lot). There is a white pipe gate next to the lower restrooms. It protects a paved road. Hike down the paved road until you reach the trail. Take the trail to the right. Hike apx. 1 mile. Right after you pass cabin #67 which is right on the trail, there is a crossing on your right. Go across the the planks. Head up the hill. Cabin #66 is the one farthest to the left.

Contact Information

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