Location: Main Canyon

No Longer Available

Asking $55,000

Cabin Details

This is a medium size three-room cabin located on the East Fork of Big Santa Anita Canyon. It is well off the public trail with good privacy. It is mostly shaded in the summer but gets good sun after about 11 a.m. in the winter. Some features include:

Living Room:

  • Large stone fireplace with redwood slab mantle
  • Firewood heating stove
  • Queen size futon
  • Bentwood rockers and oak chairs
  • Antique cylinder front Victorian desk
  • Bookcase, kids table and chairs
  • Two bedding storage lockers


  • Propane stove
  • Large food storage locker
  • Blacksmith shop candle chandlers (3)
  • Serving cart and table
  • Oak kitchen table and benches
  • Two cast iron caldrons, copper kettles, etc
  • Cups, plates, utensils, washtubs, etc
  • Orange crate labels on walls


  • Outhouse with sink and shower (when water is connected)
  • Woodshed and lots of firewood
  • Storage room with axes, rakes, splitting maul, etc
  • Tool chest with smaller tools
  • Chainsaw
  • Barbeque
  • Two propane tanks
  • Set of portable battery operated tools
  • Large fire pit
  • Folding chairs

Contact Information

Please contact the pack station for an appointment to see the inside after you have visited the cabin to know if you are truly interested. Call the pack station at 626.447.7356 or email Deb (dburgess@adamspackstation.com)