Location: Main Canyon

No Longer Available

Asking $75,000

Cabin Details

Cabin 49 has been owned for more than 30 years by the same owners.  This lovely cabin is conveniently located less that 1 1/2 miles from Chantry Flat within the main Big Santa Anita Canyon.  It can be found across the stream from main trail which provides added privacy.  The cabin sits in an open area that is great for hanging outside.  Inside, the cabin’s living room and kitchen are divided by a large fireplace.  There is also a wood-burning stove.  Separately are sleeping quarters.  The restroom facilities have been converted to a flush toilet.  Water is stored in drums by pumping from the stream.

What's Included

All furnishings are included in the cabin. A propane refrigerator and propane stove are included, along with solar lighting. A full tool shed is also included.

The owner will not carry paper.

Cabin Directions

You are encouraged to hike into the main canyon and review the location, activity in the area, and ready "About those Cabins" before requesting an appointment. Starting at Chantry Flat, take the Robert's Road (located behind the white pipe gate next to the lower restrooms) to the bottom of the road. Cross the green bridge and continue to the right. You will pass cabins 37 and 40 on your left, continue on the path. You will see cabins coming up on your right side. You will see Cabin 49 across from "Slider Rock" (it looks like a natural slide). The number on the cabin is quite large.

Contact Information

To schedule at appointment, contact Deb Burgess at dburgess@adamspackstation.com