Location: Main Canyon

No Longer Available

Reduced to $45,000

Cabin Details

This is a medium sized two-room cabin located a mile into the main canyon. It is up off the main trail in a group of well-maintained cabins. Some features include:

Living Room:

  • Stone fire place
  • Fairly new wood burning stove, enameled w/ glass front
  • A set of bunk beds. The double-sized bed is not included with the purchase


  • Good sized kitchen
  • Propane refrigerator (newer model)
  • Propane stove
  • Hooked to the local spring water


  • Powder-coated steel roof
  • Large shed for storage
  • Crank telephone tp pack station and other cabins
  • Current owners have owned the cabin for 20 years. Many good years of raising 4 kids in the canyon
  • 2 entrances to the cabin

Contact Information

Please contact the pack station for an appointment to see the inside after you have visited the cabin to know if you are truly interested. Call the pack station at 626.447.7356 or email Deb (dburgess@adamspackstation.com)