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A Cabin with Provenance

Cabin 16 was owned by Ernest “E. B.” Gray, an important figure in the history of the San Gabriel Mountains. Gray was a professional photographer that documented mountain life, including photographing all of the camps and cabins of Big Santa Anita Canyon. He bought the cabin in 1919, when it was numbered 26, to be the Gray family’s full-time home.

The current owner of the cabin has been told stories of dances being held in the front yard, and the “Canyon Still” being operated in the shed out back. The Gray children sold Ernest’s photographs that were printed as postcards to canyon visitors.

Gray became friends with Lynn Roberts, owner of nearby Roberts’ Camp, who hired Gray to operate Roberts’ Halfway House, a refreshment on the Sturtevant Trail near Sierra Madre. Shortly thereafter Gray opened his own facility down trail called “The Little Gray Inn”.

The Inn had a counter and booths, and featured a soda fountain with sandwiches and ice cream sundaes. The Little Gray Inn thrived until it burned down in 1927 from a gas leak. The Gray family briefly revived the business with a tent stand at the site of the Inn and a trail store on leased property in Sierra Madre before moving to Idyllwild.

What's Included

Turn-Key Cabin with Unique Style

Just a one mile walk into the canyon, between the First Water Trail and the Gabrielino Trail, cabin 16 is a charming five room Craftsman cottage, nestled amongst the rocks near the site of First Water Camp. The site is a gem and will make you the perfect getaway without getting too far away.

The cabin is just under 600 square feet and consists of a living room with stone fireplace, a dining area, and a kitchen, which includes a 1920’s stove/oven and small propane refrigerator. It also has a bedroom, a sleeping porch and an attached pit toilet. The cabin boasts one of the friendliest front porches in the canyon, where there’s always two chairs and a checker board for the curious hiker to stop for a game. Typical for cabins in the Big Santa Anita Canyon, this cabin is close to the stream so you have access to water to drink or cook.

This historically important cabin comes fully furnished and sleeps six comfortably. It’s ready for you and your family to make this canyon cabin your home away from home. Come for a visit to see how charming this hike into history is!

Contact Information

To schedule a viewing contact Deb Burgess at Adams' Pack Station - dburgess@adamspackstation.com